Articles, Papers, Talks

Throughout my PhD I have been lucky enough to publish articles, research papers, and present talks about my research. This page gives a timeline of them, with links if available.

Talk – March 2021

ML for Conservation: Who’s Fin is This?
NE: Tech

Article – February 2021

How To Train Your Siamese Neural Network
Towards Data Science

Publication – June 2020

NDD20: A large-scale few-shot dolphin dataset for coarse and fine-grained categorisation
FGVC7 Workshop, CVPR

Talk – March 2020

AI in Extreme Environments
Data Science Perspectives, The Alan Turing Institute

Article – February 2020

Under the sea: Deep Learning in Marine Biology
Red Hat Research Quarterly

Publication – June 2019

The Northumberland Dolphin Dataset: A Multimedia Individual Cetacean Dataset for Fine-Grained Categorisation
FGVC6 Workshop, CVPR